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About Choppies Botswana

Choppies was born in 1986 in a Botswana Town called Lobatse. The first store was Wayside supermarket. 1993 saw the opening of a second store still in Lobatse.From 1993, Choppies embarked on a great expansion drive, with new stores being opened in the greater Gaborone periphery. The expansion also moved to highly populated geographical areas of Botswana. In 2008, Choppies introduced its footprint into South Africa opening a store in Zeerust North West. Our focal point of operation in South Africa is North West. As part of our expansion drive, 2013 saw Choppies move into Zimbabwe where most of the Choppies stores were acquisitions of the existing Spar network. The first distribution centre in South Africa was opened in 2014 and located in Rustenburg. It was found to be an ideal point as we intend to supply to all stores within a 500km radius.

Of the significant developments that Choppies has been active in, 2014 saw the opening of a distribution Centre in Zimbabwe.  Our foresight is to grow into East Africa, with emphasis in Tanzania and Kenya. Choppies believes in potential of the African market hence the continued growth.

Our products

All Choppies stores houses a host of private labels under the brand name “Choppies”. All our private label brands represent value and savings.  All Choppies brands are manufactured and brought to market in much the same way as the familiar national brands they sit next on the store shelves.

Our private label items are available in just about every food and non-food category- fresh, frozen, canned, dry foods, snacks, ethnic specialties, health and beauty care, house hold as well as laundry products.

who we are

Driven by our values

Our purpose

To provide great value to customers, grow together with our communities and respectfully and sustainably contribute to their wellbeing.


To be the preferred retailer for mass grocery and financial services in the countries in which we operate.


To be the preferred one-stop-shop community hub in the countries in which we operate.

To conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and continuously seek to maximise returns to all our stakeholders through:

  • Being a strong responsible provider of consumer goods and services, that empowers communities to grow together under a win-win approach.
  • Bringing products and essential services to semi-urban and rural areas.
  • Giving customers the best total value for their money.
  • Generating sustainable economic development by supporting local businesses and farmers and core value creation in society.
  • Creating new jobs and developing employees to their highest potential.
  • Instilling continuous improvement practices thereby providing superior, sustainable financial returns to our shareholders.
  • Empowering our local staff through continuous training.


The Choppies Board of directors acts in the best interests of the Company and takes ultimate responsibility for the Company. The Board is supported by the four Board committees.

Our History

Choppies was established in the town of Lobatse in Botswana in 1986 and a massive expansion effort was begun in 2003, with new stores opening throughout the outskirts of Gaborone. The development was also extended to Botswana’s densely populated districts. The Group’s past is one of incredible growth, which bodes well for the future.